Basic Merge Tags

Merge Tags for Campaigns

Use the merge tags in this section in any type of Mailchimp campaign (Regular Ol’, Plain-Text, A/B Split, and RSS-Driven).


Pulls in the link to your campaign archive page.


Displays the unique “id” parameter from your campaign archive url.


Adds the MonkeyRewards badge to your campaign.


Adds a text-only version of the Rewards link.


Inserts links to translate your campaign archive into different languages.


Adds links for translating your campaign archive from one language, XX. All other available languages will be listed for your subscribers to choose from.


Displays the language code for a particular subscriber. For example, if your subscriber’s language is set to English, the merge tag output will display the code en. Use this merge tag to show conditional content based on subscribers’ language settings.


Displays the language for a particular subscriber. All language labels appear in English. For example, if your subscriber’s language is set to German it will appear as German instead of Deutsch.


Populates the URL for Facebook comments on your campaign archive page.


Displays the campaign send time or displays the current time if the campaign is still in Draft status. Date information displays based based on your settings under Account > My Defaults > Date Format.

Use *|DATE:FORMAT|* to show the current date in a given format. For example, *|DATE:d/m/y|* where d is replaced by the day, m by the month, and y by the year. View a full reference of date options on the PHP website. Not available for Autoresponders.


Displays a list of links for your recent campaign archive pages. Campaigns listed are based on the list you’ve chosen on the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder. X is the number of campaigns to show. If a value for X isn’t included, we’ll pull in the 5 most recent campaigns by default.


Displays the campaign’s subject line as specified on the Setup step of the Campaign Builder.


Creates a linked table of contents in your campaign.


Creates a table of contents in your campaigns as unlinked text.

*|POLL:|* and *|END:POLL|*

Creates and records subscriber responses to a question using a rating scale of 1-10.


Pulls in local events from Eventful into your content.


Pulls local Groupon deals into your content. Take a look at this article for more information.